Media Release

This is a media release I wrote for a media kit I created for a school assignment. The materials were created for a mock news conference in which I was the emcee. The media kit also contained a news release, a program guide, a backgrounder, an infographic and a list of what would be included in a DVD for reporters. 

Head Games 

Head Games is a sports writing article I wrote about the effects of concussions for athletes.

Regan Greenwood Personality Profile 

This is a personality profile I wrote about Regan Greenwood, owner of Style Bar Boutique in Osborne village.

This Is 30.

This is a blog I wrote on my 30th birthday about growing up, and finding yourself.


The Power of Conversation

This is a blog I wrote for Immigrant Centre Manitoba's website. To gain insight and knowledge for the piece, I participated in an english conversation circle at the centre along with four immigrants learning English and adjusting to life in Manitoba. I interviewed two teacher volunteers and the four students, and photographed the students for the story.